Wellness Coaching

Our Corporate or Private Wellness coaching offers personalized support and motivational tools to help you or your employees develop a wellness vision, set goals and break those goals down into manageable steps. Coaching calls are typically 30 minutes in length and can also be performed in person.

What topics do wellness coaches cover?

•     Weight management

•     Tobacco cessation

•     Healthy eating

•     Stress reduction

•     Physical activity

At FitChix KC Wellness sessions, you can expect a safe, supportive environment with guidance and assistance to obtaining your health goals.

•     Assistance in defining what kind of changes you want to make

•     An assessment of your readiness to make a change

•     Assistance in setting achievable goals

•     Help with identifying and dealing with obstacles that interfere with achieving success

•     Encouragement and support along the way

•     Follow-up and accountability

•     Resource information, healthy tips and more.

Please call or email for more information on Wellness Coaching.